• Q : Is CLOUDCAST compatible with all displays?
    • A :
    • Absolutely. Our device easily connects to any HD screen that has an HDMI input. If you have DVI port you should use a gender to connect with CASTBOX.

  • Q : Is there an API or SDK?
    • A :
    • If you want to develop a digital signage application, use CLOUDCAST platform.

      CLOUDCAST is based on Android OS and you can manage your displays on multiple platforms with our control application. If you're a developer interested in developing apps for displays using the CLOUDCAST software platform, please contact

  • Q : What is CLOUDCAST?
    • A :
    • CLOUDCAST is the easiest way to put digital content onto any display(s). You can browse our collection of apps including Images & Video, Facebook, Instagram, News and more to customize your display with. Any changes you make are instantly updated to your display and contents are stored in virtual device. These remotely manage everything.

  • Q : What is CASTBOX?
    • A :
    • CASTBOX is made for CLOUDCAST only service which a powerful all-in-one smart signage solution. The great advantage of CASTBOX is that anyone can use it, as it is small and can be easily installed. Also it is connected to the internet wirelessly and to the display screen using the HDMI cable.

  • Q : What is the cost of the CLOUDCAST service?
    • A :
    • We provides a range of pricing options from monthly hosted fees. Your price will depend on the number of displays and contents you use. Whether or not you take advantage of our affordable services and support options.

  • Q : Is CLOUDCAST available in other languages?
    • A :
    • Yes, CLOUDCAST moves toward global services. It's available in: Korean and English. More languages are coming.