Simply connecting CAST BOX turns your old display into a smart signage

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Highly compatible.

CLOUDCAST works with practically every display in all imaginable configurations
provided that it has an HDMI port.

  • Single Display
  • Kiosk
  • Multi-Vision
  • Electronic Display

Infinitely customizable through apps

Our ever-growing library of quality, constantly updated apps makes expansion and specialization easy and affordable.



The interface is clean and simple, giving you clutter-free control over your displays and its contents.

Location, location, location!

Where your display is located significantly affects
how it is used, so all your displays can be tracked
on the map using GPS technology.
Keeping track of your displays
and managing them have never been easier.

Introducing CLOUD CAST

Special and Unique

Perfect fit for any business model

Having all these customization options mean CLOUDCAST can be fitted to meet your specific needs no matter what they are.

Retail, Restaurants, Office, Exhibition, Cafe, Club, Fast Food, Fitness
, Hair Shop, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Healthcare, Car dealer shop, Education …

Use Case