We want to change “Difficult” things to “Simple”
Helping people express their thoughts and dreams - it’s what we do best

Why did we start CLOUDCAST?

  • 1

    Digital Signage? It’s too hard.

    We looked at digital signage in the market today and found that most businesses actually prefer traditional posters or POP displays because digital signage is still very much unfamiliar and difficult for most of them. However, we also saw all the potential that was going untapped, and became confident that more and more people will prefer digital signage in the near future. As a matter of fact, we’re not even the only ones who came to that conclusion.

    So what was preventing that from happening? We found that managing digital signage is even more difficult than using it. Creating images, videos to show contents sounds complex and hard to an average businessman owner.

  • 2

    Smart Signage! CLOUDCAST!

    So, despite its eye-catching qualities, digital signage had trouble catching on because of the difficulties in maintaining it. “It’s nice but it’s too hard” We wanted a way around this. We wanted people to express their thoughts freely and easily without having to worry about all the management stuff.

    So CLOUDCAST was made with ease of use in mind. Something that anyone could use to show their thoughts and ideas - even to the people on the other side of the earth.

  • 3

    How to Express Your Dreams

    Because everyone’s vision is different, the system would need to be flexible. Taking our cues from the smartphone scene, we thought it would be nice if we could easily add or delete apps from the digital signage. It wouldn’t be a complex program, rather a small, simple app that could be installed over the web to expand the range of services provided for the customers. Sounds simple enough, right?

  • 4

    Let’s create it together! Easy and Simple

    Since It would be impossible for us to create every app that people will need. We made it so that people could develop their own apps. With CLOUDCAST being based on the open sourced Android OS, anyone can start creating new apps and adapt things from apps that are already created. More people, more simple CLOUDCAST becomes.

Story of KNOWCK

Beginning of the Story
KNOWCK has already begun
and yet has a long way to go.

Using cloud system and smart technology, KNOWCK wants people to work, study, communicate with others using our software.

  • 2015

    Launching CLOUD CAST Global Service
    Launching Digital Signage CLOUD OS Cloud Vision 2.0
    Service MOU With KPOP Smart Signage Service
    Launching Campus Cast Service
    Launching Smart Retail Service

  • 2014

    2016 Digital Signage Provider for Brazil Rio Olympics
    Fox International Channels Contents Usage Agreement (Channel V)
    Digital Signage Software Provider for Brazil Rio Info-poll
    Launching KT Biz-meca Service

  • 2013

    Red Herring Top 100 Global Company
    Red Herring Top 100 Asian Company
    Launched Ucloud SaaS Service with KT

  • 2012

    Launched Digital Signage Smart Application Platform “Cloud Vision” 1.0
    Installing Digital Signage to More than 100 Stores near Gangnam Station

  • 2011

    Foundation of KNOWCK Co., Ltd.